• Power Flow & Restorative Yoga For Athletes bundle

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    These classes are the perfect compliment to each other. Power Flow is all about strength, sweat, and stability...Restorative Yoga For Athletes creates mobility, ease, and openness in the body.

  • Hard Core Yoga Power Flow

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    This is a high intensity, core-focused vinyasa designed to build strength, stability, and balance. After our signature core sequence we will flow continually on the breath, creating a sweaty &strong moving meditation. You will be guided with clear alignment cues and variation options to lower or ...

  • Restorative Yoga For Athletes

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    This 30 minute practice is designed to release tension and create mobility in all the main areas of the body impacted from athletic activity. We will focus on deep, restorative breathing while gently opening up the hamstrings, IT band, inner & outer hips, hip flexors, lower back, and shoulders in...